Research Unit

The Research Unit conducts National Corruption Assessment to establish the magnitude, extent, manifestations and nature of corruption in Liberia; Contributes to the implementation of evidence based anti-corruption strategy for Liberia; Coordinates the LACC’s mandate on the conduct of research and recommend preventive measures and appropriate messages for behavioral change; Identifies key gaps in knowledge and research in the field of anti-corruption in Liberia; Translates research findings to policy relevant materials; Executes LACC’s ambitious research program by engaging relevant researchers/ research institutes and ensuring they deliver results. Makes recommendations to the Program Manager for Education and Prevention for new avenues of research and follow-up activities; Gathers data and information for secondary research, contributing to publications and conducting small scale research that creatively interprets and adds value to existing data, by drawing operational conclusions and draft policy recommendations, drawing on a wide range source; and Conducts preliminary scoping on upcoming research areas, in consultation with the Program Manager for Education and prevention.

• The Unit also Oversees the implementation and refinement of the research to achieve significant program impact, Manages assistant researchers on content when section expands; Coordinates logistics for research projects, including; arranging meetings, and organizing internal meetings and public events; Works with the Secretariat to produce research materials; Stays abreast of professional standards, trends and issues affecting this set of responsibilities, demonstrating continuous learning of the field; Supervises and coordinates all Anti-Corruption Research Section’s Field Teams and programs as well as facilitates the development of strategic program papers and proposals on research-focused anti-corruption issues in collaboration with the Program Manager for Education & Prevention and the Executive Director and /or Commissioner with oversight on Education & Prevention.

• The Unit further carries out additional programming responsibilities such as research/surveys, program development, supervision, periodic monitoring, analysis of research results and program evaluation for effectiveness; Initiates regular reporting on research results and other program activities, regular monitoring and evaluation of field programs reports; Coordinates the LACC’s mandate on measures to be taken to prevent corruption in Liberia, especially recommending ways to improve administrative systems processes and procedures; Provides support to public and private sector institutions, focusing on strengthening systems for greater accountability and transparency; Collaborates with government and private sector institutions on addressing issues of corruption systems, in consultation with the Program Manager for Education & Prevention and the Executive Director;.