Legislations of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission

Still refusing to declare Assets, Income, and Liabilities...

Towards investigating, prosecuting and preventing acts of corruption. It was on this basis that the LACC formulated and adopted the income, assets and liabilities declaration regime to serve as a monitoring mechanism for the promotion of integrity, transparency and accountability in the public service.

Worldwide, the scheme is fast becoming a fundamental tool for anti-corruption agencies or governments to fight corruption. It is an essential element in both preventing the theft of assets as well as in detecting and prosecuting those who steal money. The tool can be used to spot problems early in a person’s tenure and used as prima facie evidence in either criminal or civil asset forfeiture.

But since the publication of the declaration form by the Commission, which identified the category of public officials required to declare, the national legislature and judiciary have out rightly refused to do so and remain defiant. Instead, they have questioned the authority of the LACC on the matter. Some have even cited security reasons for their non compliance. Montserrado County Representative, Alomiza Mamie Ennos must be lauded for being the only legislator to submit.

Though the executive procrastinated in complying, it finally cooperated when the President of Liberia like the Vice President declared her assets and mandated her officials within the executive branch of government to do so.