Assets Declaration and Verification Unit

The  Assets Declaration & Verification Unit carries out overall Management and Control of all the Assets Files; Receives and analyzes all reports of the In-House Assets Verification Team; Carries out research and establish a database for all Public Officials (Presidential  Appointees) who are required by Laws to declare their Assets; Prepares and update a matrix of all declarants in order to give them (declarants) adequate notice to re-declare consistent with the relevant Laws, Obtains listing of new Presidential Appointees from the office of the Director of Cabinet and ensure that they declare their Assets within the statutory period subsequent to their Appointments; Rolls out innovative programs to bolster the assets declaration regime of the Commission; Conducts Assets verification models and best practices in accordance with International Standards, especially in Sub-Sahara Africa and recommends a model that is relevant and  Practical to Liberia; Collaborates with the Civil Service Agency and all line Ministries, Agencies and Commissions  of government from time to time to establish a database of officers who are required by Laws to declare their Assets even though they are not Presidential Appointees; and  carry out other functions as may be required by the Body of Commissioners.